1-Healthier – Prevents bacterial growth
cast iron is the most preferred kitchenware since long years as it does not preserve any hazardous material. Special enamel coating does not preserve any chemical materials and it is very healthy. As all surface is coated with specail enamel it does not get rust.

2-Adds flavour
None of the other kitchenware adds flavour like cast iron as it is resisted to high temperature, keeps the heat for long time and equally distribute it to whole surface.

3-No Loss of vitamins and minerals in meal
Steam generated during the cooking process stays in the pot thanks to the special structure of the lid and all vitamins and minerals preserved and you can have healthy and delicious foods.

4-Non stick, seals
Meat cooked at Surel cast iron pans never sticks to the pan. There are two reasons for this. First, high heat on the surface of pan seals the surface of meat. This retains the taste, water, and all nutritioanal values of the food sealed (it forms a dry and hard layer in a short period of time or briefly let’s say it browns). So, while the meat first sticks So, while the meat _rst sticks, it looses within a couple of minutes - after the humidity on its surface is removed. Secondly, only some part of the meat comes into contact with the pan thanks to the grill drains on surface ensuring that it is easy to separate meat from pan and it forms nice burning marks on meat.

5-Easy to clean
Surel cast iron pots and pans can be washed in dishwasher and hand thanks to its high quality enamel coated surface. Cleaning is easy and very practical.
6-Suitable for use in all hobs and oven types    
Surel cast iron pots and pans can be used in all kinds of heat sources. Gas, electrical, solid or radiant plate, vitroceramic and induction hobs and electrical,  gas, or wood ovens. 
7-Long lasting, and durable
All Surel cast iron pots and pans are long lastting and durable thanks to its resistance to high temperature and scratch proof exterior enamel coating. With proper use and care, you can use your pots and pans at your kitchen for the whole lifetime.

8-Made in Turkey
All Surel cast iron pots and pans produced in Turkey with usage of high quality raw materials and enamel which does not contain hazardous materials.

9-Environment friendly
cast iron is %100 recylable and thus environment friendly material. It also saves the energy as it preserves heat for long period of time.

10-Adds presentation richness
cast iron kitchenware ads presentation richness to your kitchen and table thanks to its elegant designs and different colors.